PERFILKIT, Lda. is dedicated to the manufacture and sale of galvanized and lacquered profiles, LSF - Light Steel Framing and accessories for the various plasterboard systems (ceilings and partitions), having a total area of over 10.000 m2 and a covered area of about 4.000 m2

We are also holders of the CE marking of the products we manufacture and holders of the NF marking on the products we export to the French market.

Elected SME excellence and SME Leader, our strategic performance is guided and based on a dynamic and global vision of the business, where we seek in a determined and differentiated way, to offer competitive solutions with high quality and innovation.

To this end, we invest in production lines, automation, machinery and technological support systems for production with cutting edge technology, totally innovative and of the latest generation, so that the final product reaches our customers with the highest quality and the maximum speed and still with to reduce the ecological footprint.

These values ​​extend to all our departments and employees, forming a team of specialized professionals, with a great sense of responsibility, motivated and qualified for a management aimed at the full satisfaction of our customers, capable of guaranteeing an excellent commercial relationship and ensuring an efficient technical and logistical operation, presenting the best solutions for the needs of our customers.

The company's mission is to provide a set of options, for each specific need at the level of civil construction, combined with the permanent service of advice, support and information to the customer. This mission is based on a constant commitment to the innovation of its wide range of products, with superior quality and competitive values, in order to respond to customer needs and the overall satisfaction of stakeholders.  
The company's vision is based on the permanent search for leadership in its segment, aiming to satisfy the needs presented by this market, through constant innovation, rapid response, commercialization and sustainable production.  
Continue to guarantee the best quality of our products and services; Promote constant improvement and innovation in production methods; Promote the frequent training of our employees so that they can provide the best service to our customers; Ensure a good working environment and good professional opportunities; Bet on sustainable development.
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PERFILKIT's Quality Policy is based on a set of systematic and relevant actions for the management of the quality of the products sold, the profile and the accessories produced and on the development of all levels of management, resulting in:

  • Strengthening PERFILKIT's position and promoting the PTFIX brand in the market;
  • Preservation of the quality reputation of its products and services, seeking to satisfy the needs expressed by its customers, complying with statutory and regulatory requirements related to the product;
  • Motivation and appreciation of employees;
  • Compliance with the requirements of the Quality Management System, based on a thinking based on risk management, supporting the continuous improvement of the system's performance and effectiveness.

The Quality Policy is the mission and responsibility of all employees!

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